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Selling Your Home in the Fall

Selling Your Home in the Fall

If you’re entering the market this fall, you should know this is a great time to sell. Though the market is not as hot as the spring months, the fall is the second best season and currently, inventory is low.

There are several things you can do to improve your chances of selling quickly:

Curb Appeal is important year round, but should be prioritized during autumn months. While the weather cooperates, keep up with mowing and edging; water your lawn so it remains green. Dry and dead patches suggest the homeowner does not take care of their yard, and therefore may not take care of the home.  This is certainly not the impression you want to make. You can purchase quick-grow grass repair kits at any major home improvement store.

Trees are a nice feature, but you don't want to advertise the maintenance that comes with them. Rake dead leaves from the lawn and make sure the entry paths are clear.

Cut down summer...

Local Farms and Orchards to Enjoy this Fall

Looking to start fall family traditions or explore local farms with friends? You will find a number of farms and orchards close to Louisville for you to enjoy hay rides, pumpkin patches, and fresh cider. Here is a list of our favorites to enjoy this Fall:

Southern Indiana

Joe Huber's Farm - Enjoy pumpkin picking, a delicious restaurant, and festivals during the weekends with music and fun for the kids.

Huber's Orchard and Winery - The largest farm in southern Indiana, established in 1843, offers over 600 acres to explore. Each member in your household will love something about...

Traveling with Young Tots

Traveling with multiple young children CAN be enjoyable, fun, and successful. There are travel options for all trip lengths and budget. Your children are only this age once, and they will remember more than you think. We recently ventured to North Myrtle Beach with 2 yr. old twins and a 6 month old, and we utilized a few tips to make the trip a joyful experience.

  • Just go! Take the trip, and know the traveling is worth it and not impossible. Your children are strong and capable of handling it. The experiences you provide today are what make dreams, and will be their memories forever.
  • Entertain your kids in the car (or plane) with snacks, wrapped new toys, Water Wow markers, and DVDs. A bonus, budget friendly tip: Rent movies and shows from the library to provide new entertainment for free. Wrapping the toys makes them special, and it will take the kids longer to unwrap...